About generic ventolin

Before taking effervescent tablets, they must be subject to dissolution in water or dispersion (hard crushing followed by dissolution).

It is especially important to take this into account in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the main active ingredients (which can vary in accordance with the pH) that make up the tablets. However, the pH should also be taken into account to prevent the destruction of the main active substances in the gastric juice. In this regard, the floortaught the distribution of gastro-resistant tablets, in which the main active ingredient is protected from gastric juice, being absorbed only in the small intestine.

The pH levels change in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract

Giving resistance to tablets to aggressive factors of gastric juice is carried out: special coating of tablets; using granules already coated with a special coating for the manufacture of tablets; pressing the granules into a gastro-resistant mass. For tablets with modified release, the use of substances for their manufacture is characteristic, allowing in a certain way to determine not only the speed, but also the localization of the exit site of the main drug.

Oral tablets are not swallowed by the patient. For the manufacture of this type of dosage form, technologies are used to increase the rate of release of the main active ingredient. In this case, the effect of the tablets can be both local and general.

The undoubted advantage of tablets as a dosage form, along with solutions for injections, is the exact dosage of the main active ingredient. This allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce to a minimum the likelihood of side complications.

The dosage of tablets is usually indicated on the package in milligrams or grams. Also, an instruction is attached to the package, which indicates the amount of the drug per body weight in accordance with the patient's age.


The optimal dosage of tablets and the regimen of their use is determined by a specialist in accordance with a specific clinical situation (the severity of the underlying disease, concomitant diseases and compensatory capabilities of the body are taken into account) and national guidelines. Self-increase in dosages by the patient in order to achieve a more pronounced effect often becomes the cause of the development of various side complications.